Dark Spots Treatment Hydroquinone 4%?

I used hydroquinone 4% almost one year but when i leaved it, dark spots come back again,can you advise me how can i remove dark spots.

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Dark spots return after stopping hydroquinone

   Yes.  Unfortunately, after stopping HQ it is not surprising if the dark spots return, particularly if you are exposed to any sunlight.  Obviously, sun avoidance and sunscreens are important to prevent the recurrence of the dark spots.  Light to medium chemical peels or lasers would also be beneficial.

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Hydroquinone 4%

Hydroquinone has been considered one of the most effective skin-lightening treatments for hyperpigmentation. No doubts, very often it becomes first line of treatment for patients with sun damaged skin, age spots or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Nevertheless some researchers claim that it alters the melanin-protein complex, causing uneven skin tone. But that occurs predominantly in dark-skinned people.
Sunscreen plays an important role in everyday life, especially, if you use skin-lightening products.Please, apply a sunscreen before leaving your house, do not let your treatment go to waste from damaging UV rays.

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Treating Dark Spots and Effective Treatment options

Treating dark spots depends on your skin type and complexion.  The most important thing to remember is that whatever treatment you receive, you need to stay out of the sun and always use SUNBLOCK with a high SPF.  Fraxel and Yag lasers both work very extremely well for dark spots.  Hydroquinone and other bleaching agents including non-hydroquinone products also help a great deal in treating dark spots but it can take several weeks to months and it is best to combine that with other treatments like chemical peels or products like Retinoids to achieve the best benefit.  There are a myriad of treatments but it is  important to find someone experienced with cosmetic dermatology.

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Treating pigmented patches with hydroquinone

Treatment of hyperpigmented patches, particularly in ethnic skin requires strict daily sun protection, topical C product in the morning, combination of hydroquinone and prescription-strength retinoid may be appropriate for oily prone skin. For most patients with sensitive skin however, topical hydroquinone may not be easily tolerated and have to be preceded by light moisturizer 30 minutes prior. One may consider non-hydroquinone containing bleaching cream with active ingredients of arbutin, kojic acid, embilica, etc. As a last resort, we may offer Nd:Yag lasers such as GenesisPlus laser or Spectra laser.

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