Can a spring retainer help straighten two misaligned teeth?

my top front tooth on the right and the tooth next to it are a little misaligned. the rest of my teeth are perfectly straight. the front tooth is pointing inward and the one next to it outward. I got a consultation and the dentist said I would need braces for 18 months but I don't believe that my teeth are even noticeably crooked to other people it just bothers me haha. I want to fix them without braces or Invisalign. is there a cheap way to fix a small problem like a spring retainer maybe?

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Options to full braces

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Sometimes our goals are more limited than the "complete" or "comprehensive" option presented to us.  While a full set of braces is "best" and more comprehensive, sometimes the time or money involved is more than we value or are willing to commit.  Options are nice.  Often in cases like this, a spring retainer, or better yet an Inman aligner, is a better option.


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it's very possible that a simple solution would work, provided the situation is really as you describe it.  An orthodontist told you differently, so I have to wonder, but it also sounds like he just gave you a routine time estimate for his full treatment case without really considering a limited treatment plan.
A few pictures would help.

Frank Celenza, DDS, PC
New York Orthodontist

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