Is the Cost of a Blepharoplasty Per Eye or a Set Price? (photo)

Hello, Im 28 yrs old and when I was born, I developed a deep hemangioma over my R eye lid. In 1992, I had it comestically removed. Now, 20yrs later, Im getting older.. So my eyes are not looking as symetric and I have an "lazy eye" look. its not bad, but I can tell and it makes me self conscience. Is it possible that I would only need surgery on my R eye to make it match the L eye... OR would that require surgery on both eyes? Is eye lid surgery per eye like lazer surgery or one set price?

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Costs for eyelid surgery per eye?

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Costs for eyelid surgery per eye?

The fees are generally for both eyes and they will then be adjusted if only one is operated upon

Because blepharoplasty is such a varied procedure, the cost also varies. Factors which contribute to the cost of eyelid surgery include:
Type and extent of surgery
Surgeon’s fee
Facility fee
Anesthesia fee
For approximate costs by location , search Real Self, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, or American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Oculoplastic surgery websites.

One Eyelid Surgery

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  One eyelid surgery can be performed and may only cost $1000 or so, depending upon type of anesthesia.

Typically cost of blepharoplasty is for both eyes

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Typically the cost for blepharoplasty includes both eyes. The cost of doing only one lid is less than both eyelids and one eyelid can be done to try to make it balance with the opposite side.  The cost of the one eye will vary depending upon the length of time for the operating room and the anesthesia and whether the surgery is performed under local versus general anesthesia.

Unilateral Eyelid Surgery

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Although it is unusual to perform Eyelid lift on only one side, in unique cases such as your, it would be possible. Most people have some asymmetry of the eyelids which is factored in when performing surgery to both sides. The price is usually not quite half price for one eye due to the minimum charges for the facility and anesthesia.

Unilateral surgery can be done

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Although in the majority of patients, bilateral blepharoplasty is the norm, there are unique circumstances that lend to performing only one side, sometimes insurance related, and sometimes due to severe asymmetry due to underlying anatomic variance or disease.

Most surgeons will have discounted prices for a unilateral case, but as mentioned, it won't necessarily be "half price". The surgeons fee will likely be half, but there are operating facility costs that will not be half.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Unilateral eyelid surgery

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In most cases, it is not common to perform a one sided eyelid surgery, even when the eyes are asymmetric.  Many people have slight asymmetry to their eyelids, but your asymmetry was mainly caused by your hemangioma.  Therefore, since your left eye really doesn't need any changes, a unilateral eyelid surgery may be helpful to improve the symmetry between the two eyes.  A thorough exam is necessary to determine if this is a good option.  Due to your previous hemangioma, your surgery may not be as straight forward, so it is important that you seek an experienced and board certified surgeon.  

Cost of unilateral blepharoplasty

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It is very important for you to understand that no one's eyes are perfectly symmetrical. Admittedly, you have a longstanding problem with one eye but, at this point, would probably benefit from a bilateral procedure. Let me add that the cost of the unilateral operation is not half because the OR and other costs are basically equivalent. Plastic surgery is not like LASIX, which may charge by the eye. In that situation, there is a licensing fee paid to the manufacturer of the equipment which is on a per use basis. The pricing of cosmetic surgery is individualized to the needs of the patient and the specifics of the operation.

Is the Cost of a Blepharoplasty Per Eye or a Set Price?

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It is rare to perform a unilateral upper eyelid lift but we do perform this occasionally. If a plastic surgeon was lifting one eyelid, it takes half as much time and typically costs half as much as doing both upper eyelids. The problem is that the risk of slight asymmetry is higher if only a single eyelid is being lifted. Make sure that you consult with an experienced eyelid surgeon before choosing this approach. In experienced hands you should achieve a nice result and improved symmetry. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Unilateral upper eyelid surgery is unusual but might be indicated in this case.

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Because of the anomaly of the lid at birth, the appearance of the lides is asymmetric.  There is adequate "lid show" on the left side, so adjusting the right to match it makes sense.  Examination and video imaging would be very useful.

Different Height Eyelid Creases

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Brooklyn,  Thank you for your picture.  Without a thorough exam it is impossible to give an authoritative plan. It appears that your eyelid creases are at different heights causing the asymmetry.  One eyelid or both can be approached surgically - it depends on what you are looking to achieve.  I would suggest finding an Ocular Plastic Surgeon in your area for a complete evaluation.

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