I have had a sinus surgery; I have a problem of smelling things & can only sleep on one side?

I have had a sinus surgery , i have had problem of smelling things, i can sleep only on one side, i have moved down to Florida 2y ago and at this point i have reached an incredible pain point , black and blue, none of over the counter work anymore. Please help

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What does the CT scan look like?

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One of the most important questions to assess at this stage is whether the sinuses are inflamed and obstructed on a recent CT scan of the sinuses.  Despite previous sinus surgery, persistent obstruction, swelling, and infection may still involve the sinuses.  The first step is to comment on this aspect.  If the sinuses are involved, then repeat sinus surgery is a strong consideration.  If there is minimal sinus obstruction or minimal sinus infection, then other avenues can be entertained such as allergy evaluation, and neurology and headache evaluation.  Other treatment options include nasal antibiotic inhalation medications, neti pot, nasal steroid sprays and other options.  A good second opinion from an experienced sinus surgeon would be advised.   

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