How Soon Can I Go to an Amusement Park After a Breast Reduction?

I got a breast reduction surgery a week ago and want to plan a trip for another 4 weeks (5 weeks post op) to go to an amusement park. Would this be safe if I used a supportive bra and is it safe to wear a swim suit to go on water rides? Are there parts of the park I should simply avoid? I am 19 years old and am healing fairly well with no complications and I feel great (no longer taking medications).

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Breast reduction and activity

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I usually have my patients wait about 6-8 weeks before starting rigorous activity.  It is probably best to ask your surgeon.

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Amusement Park Visit after Breast Reduction?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure. When you will be able to return to specific activities is best determined by your plastic surgeon who knows your situation best and who is ultimately responsible for your care.

Whether or not you can go to an amusement park will depend on the specific activities planned; for example, I would not suggest getting on a jarring roller coaster ride until you are approximately 2 to 3 months out of the procedure.  Otherwise enjoy the results of your breast reduction surgery and the amusement park.

 Best wishes.


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