6 Weeks After Free Nipple Graft, There are Holes that Have Opened that are Leaking a Little, Should I be Concerned?

FNG 6 weeks, no bolsters, criss/cross stiches instead, looks great, pink etc., but last week 2 or 3 teeny holes have opened in nipple or areola area, w/ scant leaking red or pale yellow, both sides, no swelling, no blackened skin, etc. Skin under holes looks healthy. 1st one healed in a week, use vaseline , cover all with no-stick dressings, and have since surgery, 24/7. Change that twice daily. Grafts still sore. Never smoked, (5.4 1/2, 145 pounds), sports bras 24/7. Holes OK? Cover OK?

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Nipple reconstruction with Free Nipple Graft and Healing Concerns

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It can take several weeks to completely heal after a free nipple graft surgery to reconstruct the nipple.  From your description, it sounds as if some of the deeper sutures that were placed during the surgery may be working their way to the surface of the skin or "spitting".  In most cases this is self limiting and will resolve with time.  However, I would suggest that you check with your surgeon.  If the sutures that were placed were not absorbable or are of larger diameter your physician may want to remove them. Best wishes.

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