What are Medical Options for Unattractive Montgomery Glands?

I have read all available information online regarding Montgomery Glands and their "normalcy". All I know with certainty is that they make my otherwise attractive breasts highly unattractive. If this issue makes me self conscious enough not to want even my husband see this part of me, what are my medical options?

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Treatment for Unattractive Montgomery glands

If the problem involves just a few unattractive Montgomery Glands they can be individually excised with just a small resultant scar.  If there are several Montgomery Glands which ring the nipple, then a doughnut shaped excision can be performed.  This procedure would result in a circular scar at the edge of the areola.    

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Montgomery glands can be removed

Sometimes Montgomery glands can get enlarged, inflamed, or irritated. If there are a few particularly unsightly ones, they can usually be removed leaving only a tiny scar in the areola which is usually much less noticeable than the gland. This is a minor procedure that can be done in the office.

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Unattractive Montgomery Glands

Montgomery glands are found in and around the periphery of the areola. They can range from flat to pronounced in their appearance. They are present in most areolae. When the are very large, or pigmented, they can become a focus of attention.

Like any cosmetic surgery, treatment depends on the benefits out weighing the risks. Removal would require surgical excision, like when a mole is removed. This leaves a scar, which can be good scar or a bad scar. Without pictures I cannot comment on whether the risks are worth the benefit. In other words, the risk of getting a scar that is as, or possibly even more, noticeable as your Montgomery glands must be considered before treatment is performed.

The best way to get an answer to your specific question is to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area and get a consultation. 

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