Nipples No Longer Get Erect, Is There Anything I Can Do?

About 2 years ago, my nipple had scratches and sore skin during the relationship with my boyfriend. After that incident, I have nipple erection problem. My nipples don’t get hard as it used to be. When it gets big, it stays only for few seconds and then it gets flat. I think it may have led to the formation of scar tissue and that may cause reduced erection. symptoms stayed the same for 2 years. Do you think it is possible my nipples to get hard as used to be? Are there any treatments for this?

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New onset nipple inversion

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Any person who develops new nipple inversion should see their primary care physician to check that there is no sinister reason for the inversion - new nipple inversion can be a sign of a tumour so firstly and most importantly please have a check up with your doctor and an ultrasound/mammogram to check that your breasts are healthy.

Once you're sure that all is fine with your breast tissue, then where to?

If the problem is scar tissue you may find improvement with a discrete suction device. The Avent Nipplette is worn for a few hours a day and can stretch out scar tissue or shortened breast ducts. Surgery may be of assistance but if your nipples can still get erect for a few seconds then there's a good chance non-surgical treatment will help.

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