Is genital swelling normal after tt? (Photo)

I'm over 9 weeks post op from tt, lipo & bl. I'm a little worried about swelling of my genitals, specifically clitoris. The lower part of my abdomen is a bit swollen just above & below the incision so I'm hoping that this may be why my genitals are abnormal at this time? It's irritating & uncomfortable. Will this resolve itself or is it possible I may need some type of corrective surgery? I have appointment with my surgeon at the end of this month & will bring it to his attention if it's still a problem.

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Liposuction Swelling

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It is perfectly normal to have swelling in the lower abdomen and genital area for a few months after surgery. After the first months as a patient is more active it is very possible for the excess fluid to settle in the lower abdominal and genital region as gravity pulls it down. Give it some time and the swelling should resolve as it can take several months or up to a year for the swelling to go down following tummy tucks. If this is caused by residual fatty deposits in this area you may need to have a liposuction to remove them. It is too soon to tell what is causing this swelling so many doctors will wait until 6 months after your procedure to determine whether further treatment is needed. If this does not get better over time or gets worse contact your surgeon to see what their recommendations are.

Is genital swelling normal after tt?

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Hi HCrossan59,

Swelling in the pubic area following an abdominoplasty is completely normal, as the mons pubis is elevated during surgery. Your incision is made in that area also and commonly swelling will accumulate and dissipate over the coming weeks. In our clinic, we almost always incorporate liposuction to the mons pubis into all our abdominoplasty procedures to leave a flatter surface. Being completely aware of all risks and complications is important; if your swelling worsens significantly in the coming weeks, consult your plastic surgeon as this could indicate seroma (fluid accumulation) and may need to be drained.

All the best with your recovery,

Craig Rubinstein, MBBS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon
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Genital & Pubic Swelling after Body Contouring

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Thank you for your question.  Lower abdominal, pubic and genital swelling is quite common and normal after body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck, liposuction, body lift, or combined procedures.  Swelling in this area can persist for months before resolving.  Discuss this matter further with your surgeon at your next visit.  Best wishes on your recovery.

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Pubic area swelling after TT+lipo+BBL: some advise.

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Thank you very much for this interesting question.

You should not be worry, swelling in the pubic and genital areas, nine weeks after TT+lipo+BBL can be normal.

To reduce this swelling, I recommend you perform daily lymphatic drainage massage therapy over the abdomen and the back three times at week, and use a postoperative girdle from thigh to the breasts for two months at least.

Kind regards,
Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.- 

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Genital swelling following TT

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Even though you are a couple of months following surgery, it is not unusual to have dependent edema (of the mons pubis and labia) for some time. You said you had lipo too, and if the mons was treated with lipo, this effect is, in fact, a likely consequence. It should resolve with time, but, certainly, bring this to your plastic surgeon's attention. Good luck as your body recovers.

James H. Scheu, MD, FACS
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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Genital swelling after abdominoplasty

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Swelling in the mons pubis area is quite common, but generally swelling is improving after 3 months.   It is best to wait, and likely it will improve, but I would definitely discuss with your surgeon. Genital swelling usually improves more quickly when it occurs.

Pubic swelling after tummy tuck

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Your swelling will likely improve. The blood supply and drainage to this area has been disrupted following your surgery. It will take time for the inflow and drainage to establish a new equilibrium. I recommend you wear a comfortable compressive garment particularly after exercise and strenuous activity. This swelling will improve, its still early for area to recover. 

Jason S. Cooper, MD
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon

Swelling in pubic area

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This will resolve with time and is normal during the recovery process of having a tummy tuck.  I find that massage and wearing your compression garment helps the swelling go away faster.

Anh Lee, MD
El Paso Plastic Surgeon
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Mons pubis swelling after tummy tuck

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This can be normal for 6 months following a tummy tuck and usually resolves with time. However, you may have excess fat as well and this would need to be removed. Ask your PS if any was removed during surgery.

Swelling after tummy tuck

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It is quite normal to have swelling in dependent areas of your body after tummy tuck for several months following the surgery.  Due to gravity, lower abdomen, mons pubis, and  genital area can have a prolonged swelling.  I agree with you bringing it to your plastic surgeon's attention.  He can examine you to make sure that you do not have fluid collection; he can also reassure you about post-operative edema.  Best regards!

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