Where is the Valve Usually Placed when Getting Implants?

My left implant has leaked and I have been told it is pretty much empty. When putting in the implants is there a standard place that the valve is located? When the implant is in would it be on the upper part of the implant, the lover part or front or back? I am asking because if it was on the top part of the implant then if the valve leaked it could still be holding saline in the bottom part. Or if it is on the bottom half then it really could be empty. Thank you.

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Saline implant ruptures.

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Saline implants typically leak from a hole in the shell. The valve is located in the center of the implant on the front. However, once it ruptured, it should be replaced.

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Valve Location in Saline Implants

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The valve of a saline implant is located on the top side (front, closest to the skin) in the center (just under the nipple).  The valve is the part of the implant where the implant is inflated with saline during the operation.  Although the valve is 'self-sealing" and automatically snaps back in the closed position, many surgeons check that it is closed before the surgery is completed.  Most saline implant leaks do not occur at that site.  Good luck 

Mark Schwartz, MD
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Valve in implant

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Usually the valves in most saline implants are on the back of the implant and centered in the middle.consider having gel implants put in.they are the best.

Saline Implant Valve Location and Rupture

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   The implant valve is located on the front of the implant in the center of the implant.  The rupture usually occurs in an area separate from the valve.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Breast implants

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The valve is located on the front of the implant, often in the area behind the nipple. The location of the valve should not have any affect on your implant leaking. A pinpoint hole, anywhere on the implant will result in a totally empty implant. Where the hole is does not matter.

Breast Implant Valves Typically On Top

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Breast implant valves are typically placed on top so that it is easy to confirm closure.  Having said that, I am not sure that it made that much difference in your deflation. Discuss this matter further with your surgeon

Valve of saline implant

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The valve is usually over the center of the implant on the front side. It would not make a significant difference it there was a leak becuase usually it does not leak a the valve site.

Breast Implant Deflation and Breast Implant Valve?

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I'm sorry to hear about the apparent complication you have experienced. Generally speaking, a saline breast implant valve  sits along the front surface of the breast  implant, often sitting just below the nipple/areola complex.  

Based your description of your situation  you may be “overthinking” and may benefit from in-person consultation with your plastic surgeon;  sounds like the removal/replacement is in order.

 Best wishes.

Saline implant valve location

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When saline implants are placed, most types have the valve on the middle of the front of the implant which sits behind the nipple area.  Occasionally, a smooth implant will flip inside the pocket so the valve is on the backside.  Either way, whether the implant leaks from a valve or a tiny hole in the implant, the saline usually completely comes out in a few days to a couple of weeks.

Location of the valve on saline implants

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If you were to lay a saline implant upon a table, the valve will sit in the middle at the apex of the implant as it lays on the table. In the patient, it will usually be mid implant, aligned with the nipple, on the front surface of the implant. 

However, when implants leak it is a very small minority of cases in which the leak has occurred at the valve. Most occur somewhere else along the surface of the implant. and most empty completely within a few days regardless of the location of the leak.

Sounds like a visit to your surgeon is in order. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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