Carboxytherapy Before Hyaluronic Acid Injection for under eyes.

Hi, I'm 23 . I have darkness, fine lines and hollows under eyes. I need to know what to do first. The Carboxytherapy for darkness and wrinkles and the Hyaluronic acid injection for the hollow? How long should I wait to do the other treatment or can it be done at the same time? Thanks

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Carboxytherapy Before Hyaluronic Acid Injection for under eyes.

Thanks for our query. You should consider first Carboxytherapy and then HA filler. Carboxytherapy will lighten the dark circles as it increases the circulation therefore improving the oxygen supply and lightening the dark circles. It also uplifts the skin and then you can undergo HA fillers as the exact amount can be known and you can achieve desired results. Hope it helps.

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