Does carboxyteraphy help with irregularity of stomach (after liposuction)?

I had a couple of sessions of lipo suction about 6 or 7 years ago, however on the last one I stopped the draining massages, and was left with irregular stomach, now I have been told that with a couple of sessions of carboxyteraphy that I will get rid of the lumps ... wondering if this will help after all this time ??

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Carboxitherapy for hardness after lipo


usually carboxytherapy is excellent for irregularities after liposuction or fibrosis, or hard induration in the inmediate post procedure (less than 4 months) after more than 6 months carboxytherapy is not as effective for this cases another alternativies probably are better, like mesotherapy or a lipo revision or even small amounts of fat transfer

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Does carboxyteraphy help with irregularity of stomach (after liposuction)?

Thanks for your query .Carboxytherapy works in two different ways: it first fragile fat cells with a traumatic pressure and then in second, Co2 leads to blood vessels dilation in the area. This reaction to carbon dioxide gives a better oxygenation of skin layers with increased lipolysis capabilities. The end result is fewer fat cells and skin tightening. Thus it smooths out the lumps from liposuction. Hope it helps.

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