Had a lift with augmentation and now nipples go slightly to the side. Is this normal?

I had a breast lift with small augmentation 5 days ago. I can only see them a little as I check the nipple each day for sensation and circulation. BUT - it seems to me that each nipple is a little off center and to the outer side of the breast. My nipples were centered prior to surgery. Is this normal? Could this be because of the swelling? I was a semi floppy D, (38) had a lollipop lift and had a 320 implant put in to regain some fullness. Thank you.

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Had a lift with augmentation and now nipples go slightly to the side. Is this norm

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Very hard to respond without a posted before & after photos. Better yet see your surgeon to discuss this issue... 

Concerns about nipple position

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Changes do occur with the procedure you had but most surgeons do not change the meridian of your nipple unless it was really off center.  Also, with the larger size, the look is different to you but without your photos taken before surgery, its all speculation as to what is happening or being perceived.

Nipple position

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Five days postop is very early.  Typically, there is still significant swelling and the appearance of the breasts will change with time.  Even if the implants were malpostioned, I would avoid any surgical revision (if possible) while this early post surgical edema is present.  You should see a board certified plastic surgeon to be formally evaluated.

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Nipples off center after Aug-Lift?

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Hello Florida Mom,
  The situation you describe is not uncommon.  Usually, nipples are not exactly in the center of the breast, they are laterally displaced, and this is normal.  This lateral appearance can be accentuated by the augmentation because the medial skin is stretched, and the distance of the curve is greater than that of a straight line.  Many surgeons place the implants close to the center to increase cleavage and decrease the chance of lateral fallout. All of this makes slightly off center nipples look more lateral postop.  Sometimes the lift can also cause this look.
  If this still bothers you after you have healed, you can talk to your surgeon about other options.

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