Normal discoloration at 8 weeks post op breast lift with small implants? (Photo)

The underside of my breasts still look red and angry at 7 weeks post op. I had a breast lift with small (270cc) implants. They've dropped a good bit and my scars are looking good, but they still feel very tight. How long does it usually take for the skin to look healthy following this type of surgery? Thanks in advance!

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Its normal to have some redness

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along the inferior pole when having a lift and augmentation.  Its very common with anchor reductions.  However, if your redness spreads, is associated with much more warmth or fevers, or the skin quality thickens, you must let your surgeon know... and ideally, you would let your surgeon know of your current concerns so your surgeon is at least aware of this.

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Skin redness 8 weeks after combination breast lift and augmentation

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Your cosmetic result looks quite good at 8 weeks.

The redness that you see in the inferior pole of the breast may be inflammation associated with healing.

However one concern is that the skin may be thinned by the pressure of the implant.  Please see your plastic surgeon and ask if a support bra might help this.  If this persists after 6 months supporting the implants with acellular dermal substitute such as AlloDerm might help.

Normal discoloration at 8 weeks post op breast lift with small implants?

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The two month post op result is due to the healing process following the breast lifting part of your operation. Best to return to see your surgeon in follow up to explain redness and hyper pigmentation of healing tissues. 

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