How much will Canthopexy cosmetic surgery cost?

How much does Canthopexy cosmetic surgery cost? I've looked EVERYWHERE on the internet and no one will answer my question. Thanks

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Cost of canthopexy

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Not having seen you would be tough to give an estimate but I would say in the area of 3-5000 would cover most of your costs.also do you want to be sedated or do itm under local?There are a lot of things to consider.Hope this helps.

Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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The Cost of Canthopexy Surgery

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The fees for this procedure will be based on a number of factors including your geographical location, the time needed to the surgical procedure and the location of the facility (private or hospital). Consult with reputable experienced surgeons in your area to get a better idea of fee schedules. Best of luck.

Michael Sullivan, MD
Columbus Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of Canthopexy Surgery

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If all you need is canthopexy without eyelid skin rejuvenation/tightening and without fat removal/reposition, then, since it is a specialized procedure, that not all blepharoplasty surgeons feel comfortable doing, you will probably be charged around 75% of the surgeon's usual full blepharoplasty fee. However, if it is done at the same time as a cosmetic bleph, then you can probably expect to pay around 1.5X the amount that your surgeon charges for blepharoplasty.

For various reasons, there's significant variation on what surgeon's charge, and you can find average charges for blepharoplasty (but not specifically for canthopexy) elsewhere on this site.

Richard Parfitt, MD
Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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