How to Fix Uneven Eyebrows

I started to notice that I had uneven eyebrows a few years. The right brow is higher and more arched than the left. The left is straighter. The asymmetry is more pronounced when the day goes by as I become stressed and tired. I can also feel that there is much more tension in my right eye and brow area constantly whereas the left area feels normal and relaxed. It is actually worse than it looks in the photo. This problem is affecting my social life and interaction with people. Please advise.

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Uneven brows

It is difficult to see everything in one photo.  While I believe that you have asymmetry and can see it in the photo, I can also see a fuller eyebrow on the left.

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Uneven brows and what to do

There may be a variety of reasons for this which may be related to medical condtions such as blepharoptosis as well as facial nerve paresis. You should first be evaluated by an opthalmologist and/or a neurologist prior to undergoing a cosmetic evaluation. Subsequent to this variations of brow lifts, botox, and/or grooming may help you achieve the desired appearance.

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