How to Fix Sagging, Far Apart Breasts?

My breasts are saggy and very far apart. They also don't have a very normal shape. My breast seem like they are almost on my sides. What can be done to correct them?

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Improve sagging breasts with a breast lift and augmentation

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Your breasts are challenging but they can most definitely be improved.

Your best option, in my opinion, is a breast augmentation to provide fullness and a full lift (please see video included).

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for breasts which are far apart. Some patients have a wide chest bone with the breasts separated. The only option is to make a cut over the chest bone, remove the wide portion and re-wire the bone back together (VERY DRAMATIC!)

It also will leave a long scar in the middle of your chest, which is not cosmetically attractive.

Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

Lifting tubular breasts

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Like many of the other doctors who have answered here- I agree that you would benefit from a well performed breast lift. Your breasts do seem to be somewhat tubular in their form, and so as part of the lifting procedure you would likely benefit from a release of the constricting tissue at the breast base on either side.

Tuberous breast deformity

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Your breasts have a tuberous shape to them, which means that they are constricted at the base, which causes the tissue to "flop" and sag. This is a challenging problem, which can be corrected by releasing the tissue, elevating it with a breast lift, and placing implants to provide volume that will match your body. I suggest seeing several board-certified plastic surgeons in your area who can evaluate you and show you photographs of similar patients. Good luck, /nsn.

How to fix sagging breasts?

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Mastopexy is a procedure to move the nipple areola to a normal position, reduce the areolar size to a youthful diameter, remove and even up sagging tissue, and create a fuller more youthful shape to the breast mound. it can often be done without an implant as long as you understand that you will be slightly smaller after the surgery and not have as much cleavage and upper pole fullness as women that choose an implant. Look at lots of picture of before/after of women with and without implants and decide what is right for you. Good Luck!!

Breast Lift A Great Choice

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The breast lift is a great choice for you.  The breast lift operation allows for correction of asymmetry from left to right. In fact it is a very powerful operation in this regard.  It can be used to shape and position the breasts in a way that should give you a very nice result.

Breast lift candidate?

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You are a great candidate for a breast lift.  The areolas would be moved higher and closer to your midline to achieve a more ideal shape.

David Stoker, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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How to fix Sagging and Far apart Breasts

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Your particular shape of breast are difficult to fix.  First you need a lift/reduction.  That will improve the overall shape of your breasts.  In doing so the breast will look closer and more balanced.  Otherwise there is no perfect solution.  

Rady Rahban, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift Surgery Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

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         Lateral displacement of the breast and nipple areola complex can be caused by a variety of factors. This problem can adversely impact breast aesthetics and create difficulty wearing under garments.


         Your pictures suggest that your lateral nipple areola position is primarily related to the shape of your underlying chest wall. This type of deformity can’t be fixed without major surgical intervention.


         In your case, your breasts are literally falling off your chest to the side. This is being accentuated by your breast sag, as they can drift even further to the side.


         Under these circumstances, a breast lift will not only lift the breasts in an upward direction, but will also move the nipple areola in an inward direction as well. This is because the breast axis is related to the chest wall slope.


         This maneuver will improve the position of your breasts, but won’t totally correct the problem. It’s important to realize that gravity is an unrelenting force and there’s significant potential for recurrence of breast sag. If you’re considering correction of this problem, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate. 

Addressing sagging, far apart breasts

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Thank you for the photos. It seems as though you would benefit from a lift. If the desire is for upper pole fullness, the usual way to do that is with an implant. The implant does not necessarily have to be large. If you need or want volume, then a larger implant will help. Nipple/areola positioning is a different matter and may necessitate more work, (i.e.; a lift). Discuss your goals with the board certified plastic surgeon and make sure they are reasonable. Together you will come up with a plan.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Droop breasts too far to the sides

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I agree with your assessment. You are going to need a lift or even a lift with an implant- it depends what size you want to be.

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