Fixing Uneven Breasts Without Implants

i have uneven breasts and im thinking about getting surgery to fix them however im not really keen on getting implants to correct this. Are there any other options?

i was also thinking about getting a aerola reduction because they are quite large, but if i was to get pregnant in future would this be ruined?

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Fixing uneven breasts without implants

This is absolutely possible! And the surgical incisions we often use allow to mathematically achieve better symmetry, so this is a great approach to treating breast size/dimension mismatch. Areolar reduction is a positive thing that occurs with this surgery and it is routinely done. If you get pregnant in the future, it is uncertain if you will get larger, smaller or sag. The nipple areolar complex may also change. If you need revision after pregnancy there would be no additional scars - your plastic surgeon would likely use the existing scars. So it's not so bad. You should enjoy your breasts sooner, particularly if childbirth is not planned at the current time.

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Fixing Uneven Breasts

Uneven breasts cam be improved when they are both close to the same size and same shape.  It is not necessary to use a breast implant to make two unequal breasts look alike.  The right choice needs to be individualized for you.  A reduction of the larger breast, a lift of the smaller breast and possibly some fat transfer are options to look at closely.

Mary Lee Peters, MD
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Correct Uneven Breasts without Breast Implants-Lift or Reduce One Side

Thank you for your question. Uneven breasts or breast asymmetry is very common in most people. Slight variations in hand size, foot size, breast size and even differences in the two sides of the face are very common and normal variations in human anatomy.

However, significant differences in breast size that create noticeably uneven breasts is very frustrating for many women, especially when trying to fit clothing and bathing suits.

If the smaller breast has not developed normally or is a Tuberous Breast, some type of reconstruction using a breast implant will be necessary.

However, if you have adequate breast tissue with one breast simply larger than the other normally shaped breast, the larger breast can be surgically reduced in size to match the other smaller breast.

If one breast sags more than the other, a condition called Breast Ptosis, a Breast Lift or Dermal Mastopexy can be done to lift the breast to match the non sagging breast.

Be sure to consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in Breast Surgery.



Lift is a great choice!

The breast lift operation allows for correction of asymmetry from left to right.  In fact it is a much more powerful operation in this regard than breast implants. The areolar reduction is an integral part of the lift operation, so that would be accomplished at the same time.  You probably should be fine after lift with pregnancy, although it is impossible to guarantee 

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Correcting Uneven Breasts

The first point to be addressed is that asymmetry is natural and whatever you do, they are not likely to ever be completely even. With that said, your best bet is to try and make the composition of each breast similar. That is the same amount of skin and the same amount of breast tissue.

You have already taken implants off the table so depending on what your breasts look like you may or may not want a lift. Doing it on both sides will leave similar scarring and as alluded to above the larger side can have more skin and breast tissue removed.

The only way to make the smaller side larger would be through implants or fat transfer. Implants are not an option and though fat transfer to the breasts has traditionally been taboo it seems to be coming into vogue these days. There are still lingering issues of how much fat survives and will atrophic fat calcify and mislead radiologists on mammography exams.

I would think the best thing to do would be a differential mastopexy.

Barry Stuart Handler, MD
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Breast lift plus asymmetry

I see a sizeable number of these cases. Most of us are a bit asymmetric. Also, most of us wish to avoid permanent scars and numbness. 
I've pioneered a procedure which uses radiofrequency assisted soft tissue tightening to correct the flabby character of aging and post-childbirth breasts. As we age, we lose the collagen support network that makes the subcutaneous tissue seem firm and youthful. Radiofrequency induced thermal tightening can reverse this process to a significant degree. The treatment uses only needle pokes to introduce tumescent fluid and the small heating cannula. In order to maximize the outcome, I recommend patients wear kinesiology tape, such as KT tape, for 6-10 weeks postop. 
For asymmetric patients, a small amount of liposuction combined with a bit more RF heating on the larger side is recommended. 

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Breast enhancement

Restoring shape and volume is what breast enhancement procedures are all about.  When there is loose skin, this must be addressed.  There are many options available with different lift procedures and a multitude of breast implant options.  Here is a basic list of the four options available:

  1. Breast lift alone (mastopexy)
  2. Breast lift combined with a small breast implant (below the muscle)
  3. Breast lift followed by a large breast implant (2 separate procedures)
  4. Breast implant alone (on top of the muscle, silicone)

Every woman is built differently and every breast is different, even on the same person.  So, each procedure is customized for every individual.  The final decision on how to proceed can be made after a history and physical examination, detailed measurements, photographs, computer simulation, trying on sizers, reviewing before and after photographs of other women similar in shape and size and talking with your surgeon.  A surgical plan will be developed that depends on:

  • Patient desires
  • The breast "footprint"
  • The expertise of the surgeon
  • Cost
  • Down time
  • Scars
  • Risks and potential complications

Please consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs breast enhancement procedures frequently.  This is an outpatient procedure with a quick recovery and a very high patient satisfaction rating.

Good Luck!

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Uneven breast can be fixed

Have no fear, breast asymmetry can be fixed without adding an implant in some cases. Breast reductions and breast lifts frequently are used to correct breast assymetry without using an implant. The good thing in your case is a reduction of the areola is commonly part of the procedure. 

See your local board certified plastic surgeon for a full consultation. 

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Breast Lift without Implants for fixing uneven breasts

Breast lift without implants is a great surgical option in fixing uneven breasts with appropriate adjustment of the areolar dimensions & proportions at the same time provided you're happy with the size of your smaller breast.

Obviously without breast implants, you can't expect your breasts will become larger after the breast lift procedure. In your case of uneven breasts, you'll probably require to have a symmetry reduction lift on the bigger side to match the lift-only approach on the smaller side. Integral to the breast lift procedure, your nipple-areolar complex will get lifted and adjusted to the appropriate positions, dimensions and proportions with reference to your new breast mounds.

Any future pregnancy will have possibility in affecting the overall aesthetics of both your breasts and nipple areolar complex. It's difficult to predict the degree of effects due to the hormonal fluctuation over the whole pregnancy & breast feeding period. It's really a personal decision about balancing the timing of your desired breast enhancement procedure with any future pregnancy plans. Will be best to discuss it further with your specialist plastic surgeon after a thorough clinical assessment.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes

Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy, FRACS(Plast)
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Breast lift and areola reduction

One of the most gratifying surgeries is to fix breast asymmetry.  I think you have the right idea.  Consider breast reduction and lift of the larger breast.  Breast lift of the smaller breast.  Areola reduction is accomplished at the same time.  Good luck with your surgery.

Saira Saini, MD
Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon
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