Four Broken Screws (All-on-6 Implants) - Do I Have to Pay for the Removal/replacements?

my all-on-6 bridge i got not even 3 years ago became very loose - country: thailand. my dentist found four(!) broken screw heads which he was able to remove and replace in one hour's time. cost: he replaced all the six screws (60usd/screw) + 600usd for his work. total price: 1000usd shouldn't this be covered under warranty - what is usual? 600usd for 1h work? - i mean, this is thailand. where people usually earn half the amount - per month! how can 4 screws break at the same time, anyway :(

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Broken screws in All-On-6 hybrid

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The prosthesis that you have with implant support is a great option with fixed solution. However, screw fracture and porcelain chipping is one of the most common complications, that almost can`t be avoided. Nothing can last forever. And changing the screws is a common procedure. I`m not familiar with prices in Thailand, but it seems a little high.

Four Broken Screws (All-on-6 Implants) - Do I Have to Pay for the Removal/replacements?

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All on 6 implants (or even All on Four Implants) can create great results. The chewing power using implants like these can be tremendous.

Dental implants are great, but they don't really have nerves in them. It is possible to bite excessively hard. It IS possible to loosen or even break the screws that hold the bridge to the implants.

One misconception about dental implants is that they are permanent. The implant "root" itself CAN last your whole life, but the bridges or dentures that connect to them still get worn and abused everyday.

There are no standard "warranties" in dentistry. Each practice will decide their own process of how they deal with an issue like this.

I am seeing more and more on forums like this that patients have dental work done in other countries but are frustrated with the problems that come up afterwards. One reason western dentistry is expensive is because those dentists tend to spend more time learning the most-trouble free methods. I do not believe that is always the case in other countries.

I believe that your dentist may have actually done you a favor by replacing the screws and hopefully performing the other tricks that can keep those screws tight for a much longer time.


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Try and contact the clinic. Did they provide you with a written guarantee?With specifications?

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Depending on the implant company there are warranties so there could be a warranty on the parts. However, if it is not a reputable company there may be no warranty. That warranty would not cover the doctor's time for the replacement. In the USA many dentists give a 5 year warranty as long as the patient is seen regularly dental cleanings and instructions are followed for good home care. However, this is up to each individual dentist. It sounds like there may be a problem with your bite causing improper forces to break the screws.

Ana Brightleaf, DMD
Santa Monica Dentist

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