Can You Fix Abdominal Separation Without Tummy Tuck?

I had 2 children, I am only 110 pounds but I have a small bulge below my belly button, I do have abdominal separation but not much extra skin. I am wondering if there's a way to repair this without surgery or if you can get surgery to fix only abdominal separation and how this works and what the results would be, scar etc. I also have non coloured stretchmarks but hoping that with my separation fixed they would look tighter. For I cannot afford a tummy tuck and do not like the scar. Thank you!

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Repair of Rectus Diastasis will require surgery

Hi there-

This problem would always require surgery- but if you truly do not have enough skin excess to require an abdominoplasty (this could only be determined through a careful exam), modification of the technique IS possible, with repair of these muscles and either no, or minimal skin tightening.

You need to find a surgeon experienced in these techniques- Here's some advice on how to do so:

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Addressing Muscle Separation

Muscle separation can be corrected without a tummy tuck. The procedure would follow similar steps as a tummy tuck, but it would be less invasive because there would be no skin/fat removal. The resulting scar would also be shorter, most likely.

Your stretch marks may not be as positively affected by the surgery as you hope, however there are nonsurgical treatments that can minimize their appearance to a certain extent.

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TT options

Yes a muscle separation can be repaired without an abdominoplasty but if you have loose skin a TT is still the best choice.  You do need to make the incision to get access to the muscle layer.  

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fix abdominal separation without tummy tuck

Yes, it is possible but the ability would be very difficult to preform. Maybe endoscopicly? I think you still will need some incision to approach the diastasis.

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Tummy tucks are great after C-sections to tighten the muscles and remove the excess skin

A tummy tuck doesn't have to remove a lot of skin.  It can just tighten muscles that have been pulled apart after pregnancy, and this way the scar is very minimal.  Unfortunately, there really is no good way to fix muscle separation without surgery.  However, a mini-tummy tuck might be perfect for you with its small scar and ability to fix abdominal bulges. 

Tummy Tuck is best

I have never had a patient who had children where I could not do a full tummy tuck to get rid of the stretched recti muscles, remove the excess skin and all the stretchmarks below the belly button. Nothing else will give you a good result.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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How to fix a small abdominal bulge without Tummy Tuck?

One must evaluate what the cause of the bulge is.  If it is fat - liposuction can work.  If it muscle seperation.  One will require a tightening of the abdominal wall fascia.  This can be performed through a small transverse 3 - 4 cm incision above the pubic bone area ( in the c - section scar region).  Let your board certified plastic surgeon evaluate your abdomen, and he will help guide you as the best way to help you. www.

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Abdominal Muscle Separation (Diastasis) cannot be corrected without Surgery

The separation of abdominal muscles (diastasis) is permanent and cannot be corrected without an operation. Through the years various methods of minimally invasive techniques of repairing the diastasis but none became established and became popular. If you do not like the Tummy Tuck scar you should not have the operation since the two cannot be separated.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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