I Have Just Finished my Root Canal Treatment, How Long Should I Wait to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Dear Doctor, I have just finished my root canal treatment and my endodontist said that it takes about 6 month for the bone to completely heal. It has been a month and I can't wait to get my braces done. Can I get orthodontic treatment immediately after root canal? Thanks

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Orthodontic treatment following Endodontic (root canal) treatment depends on the condition of the tooth.

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Performing orthodontic treatment following root canal treatment on a tooth depends on the condition of the tooth before, during and after the root canal treatment has been performed. For example if a severe dental abscess was present prior to the root canal treatment, any complications (flare ups) during treatment, and the restorative needs of the tooth after treatment can all indicate the need to wait a period of time, or not, prior to beginning orthodontic therapy. Any infection should be resolved, and any restorative treatment such as a post or crown should be performed prior. On the other hand, orthodontic treatment could be performed almost immediately following a straightforward root canal treatment on a tooth devoid of an abscess or additional restorative needs. 

Starting Orthodontics Following Root Canal

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While 6 months would be ideal, I feel that as long as the orthodontist is made aware of the root canal, and he can follow it on an X-ray, he can begin the ortho after a month and continually monitor the situation.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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