Can a Filling on the Front of the Incisors Be Refilled if It Becomes Stained?

My front incisor is discolored and can't be veneered or whitened. My dentist said I could either fill it or put a crown on it. Im not keen on the crown since the tooth seems healthy except for the discoloration. If I do get it filled and it becomes stained can it be refilled.

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Often times a stained restoration can be polished to achieve better aesthetics

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A stained restoration may need to be replaced due to decay. However, if a restoration has stained and does not have decay, it may be polished/buffed with polishing discs to revitalize it. This will help the restoration to blend naturally with the tooth again and improve the overall aesthetics.

Boston Dentist

Doing a new filling in a front tooth

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If your tooth is perfectly healthy and the existing filling is just discolored and do not understand why you can not veneer it. Maybe a photo of it will be best to evaluate and answer you question with more specific options. Regardless, you can upgrade the existing filling, making the tooth to look healthy and natural. Teeth bonding is done with a composite resin that can restore both aesthetics and function to your smile. Placed on both the front and back of teeth, the composite resin used in teeth bonding provides a strong, long-lasting, and seamless appearance to smiles. As you know the material used in teeth bonding is not as strong as other restorative options, and may discolor, chip, or break over time.  Colored and shaped to precisely match adjacent teeth, composite resin is unnoticeable, and provides for a seamless, natural looking smile.

Pamela Marzban, DDS
Fairfax Dentist

Filling in the front of your mouth

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Based on what you are saying not sure why you would not be able to veneer the tooth if you state that the tooth feels healthy except for discoloration.  I would definitely not crown it so I would place a filling which should be able to be refilled if need be.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Can a Filling Be Redone if it Becomes Stained?

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It sounds like the most conservative approach to solving your concern is with a composite filling; however, if the tooth discoloration is superficial it can sometimes be removed with "micro-abrasion." Discolorations most easily treated with micro-abrasion are white spots. This procedure would eliminate the need for any kind of restoration. If the discolorations can not be removed with micro-abrasion then a conservative composite can be placed. These types of restorations last a very long time and should not discolor.

Good luck!

A Front Filling Can be Refilled

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I would try the conservative filling first. Make sure your dentist is cosmetically trained. Ask him to show you photos of similar cases that he has done. If the filling discolors down the road, it can always be re-filled.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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