One Front Filing is Longer Than the Other Tooth?(With Braces)

In the past as a kid I chipped my front right tooth, so only approximately 3/4 of my original tooth is still there. Now at 17 years old I got braces on, but my filing on that tooth was knocked off. I got the filing replaced and noticed a couple of days later that my newly filed tooth was longer than my normal one? Wait do I do, wait till my treatment is done and file it, or get a new crown? Or can I just file it right now?

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Take a Closer Look

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A great way to determine where your problem lies is to look at the gumline of both front teeth.  If they are even or if the restored tooth gumline is higher than the unrestored tooth, then the problem lies in the restored tooth.  If the unrestored tooth has a higher gumline then most probably it will need to be erupted to even out the gumline AND the biting edge.  Talk to your orthodontist about this.

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One Tooth Longer than Other with Braces

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It's hard to answer this without photos, but unless the difference in length is extremely disturbing, you're probably better off waiting to file it until the orthodontiics are complete, and the braces removed. You will probably want to do all the cosmetic contouring at that time.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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