Can I Get a Filling After I've Received my Invisalign Aligners?

can i still get a filling on the side of my moler? i already got my aligners but now i found out i have cavity on the side of moler. Can i still get a filling?

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Yes, you can get a filling with aligners

Your Dr can do the filling then try in your aligner to make sure it fits. He can adjust the filling to match the aligner if he needs to so not to worry....

Los Angeles Dentist
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Filling should be okay

As long as the filling follows the contour of your original tooth, which it should, then your invisalign trays should fit fine after the filling is done. I would bring your invisalign trays to your visit for the filling and try it on after the filling is done, with your dentist still in the chair.  This will enable the dentist to adjust the filling and/or trim it down so that the aligner will fit. 

If the filling is very large or your require a crown it is highly likely that your aligners won't fit and then you will need to get new aligners made.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist
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