Had Invisalign for 1 Day - OK to Stop Now and Postpone for 2 Weeks?

I have only had my invisalign for a day. and I was wondering if I could stop the treatment then start it again in 2 weeks? only because I have a thing coming up and I don't want to be worrying about my teeth.

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Yes, you can safely stop for now

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Remember its all timed so if you stop now and start up in two weeks you will finish at least two weeks later. There are some treatments that can be done during and after that are covered by your Dr and invisalign that if you put off your treatment too long you will sometimes it will cost you money in the end. Invisalign gives you a grace period at the end of treatment but if you delay treatment toomany times it could come back to bite your wallet in the end...

Los Angeles Dentist

After only 1 day, not much has happened with Invisalign

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If you remove the aligners after one day, essentially nothing has happened.  Starting again in a week or two should be insignificant.

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