Filler for Under Each Side of the Bottom Lip?

I have an overbite and a square jaw which leaves me with no definition in the chin area. There are 2 areas under my bottom lip on both sides that is a bit hollow. It shows up in every photo and I hate it! Is filler a good option for this area? How much will it take and which filler is recommended? I have posted a pic, because it's so hard to explain!

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Labiomental groove between lower lip and chin

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The photo you posted shows an early right marionette line coming down from the corner of the mouth, a deep curved (concave side down) labiomental groove and a cleft chin. I assume what is bothering you is the lower outer edges of the labiomental groove. Usually this is related to a receded lower jaw and/or chin. That could explain the overbite you describe. There are a few options available to address this depending on how severe the condition is, how aggressive you want to be in changing it and how much improvement will make you happy. The spectrum of procedures available for treatment includes injectable fillers, chin implants, chin advancement and jaw surgery in order of increasing aggressiveness. Without a face to face examination and verbal interaction it is impossible to say which option or combination of options is best for you. That is a choice you would have to make after understanding all the relevant facts.

If you go the filler route you could go with a hyaluronate or radiesse. Each has its pros and cons. I would recommend against sculptra. Although some doctors could get good results with that material the margin of error in terms of depth of injection is less forgiving. You could have the doctor temporarily simulate the fill or the results of a chin implant by first injecting sterile saline. If either one does not give you an improvement you can live with you will need to move on to jaw surgery.

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Artefill or Radiesse does great in the oral commissures and marionette grooves.

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Using a temporary 1 yr filler such as Radiesse or Artefill which lasts 4-5 yrs are both good choices.  Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane are also good choices which last about 6 months.  Do expect to get at least 2 syringes of the filler to correct the area nicely.  Sincerely,

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