How to Fix Large, Wide Canine Teeth? (photo)

Do I need braces to fix my large canine teeth? When I say large, I don't mean sharp. They don't line up with the rest of my teeth and they move up my gum a little. Also, they stick out a bit.

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Improving the look of "large" canines

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The canine tooth often looks large when compared to the tooth next to it, the lateral incisor.  However, in your case it looks larger because it is a bit dislocated outward and the gums may be a little high compared to the lateral incisor.  In order to correct this and get the most pleasing smile, a careful analysis must be done on your bite, tooth positions and sizes, and your overall smile.  I suggest that you consult with on orthodontist to get a good idea of exactly what needs to be done.  But don't worry ... the problem is definitely correctable!

Seattle Orthodontist

Do I need braces to fix large cuspid

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I would have to measure he tooth but my guess is that the cuspid is not really too large but "looks" large because it is too high up, sticks out some to the side, and also looks turned to the front some.  Another thing I notice is that your front teeth are too vertical and need the roots moved inward some (This called anterior root torque by orthodontists).   I would recommend that you see an ADA recognized orthodontic specialist for a detailed evaluation to see what to do.  With that the movements that you are likely to need, fixed conventional orthodontic appliances will be much more effective than Invisalign or other removable appliances.  I use the Damon braces  which would work well in this case.  The most important thing is a very careful diagnosis to see exactly where the problem is coming from and design a good treatment plan to fix the problems.

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD
Phoenix Orthodontist

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