Is Filing Down the Backs of Zirconia Crowns Bad?

I recently had three zirconia crowns placed on my front three teeth. Due to issues with my bite the dentist had to sand down the backs of the crowns after they had already been permanently cemented. He polished them, but I am still afraid that some of the zirconia may have been exposed during this process. Do I have anything to worry about. I am finally confident with the way my teeth look after years of braces, bonding, crowns, and adjustments. I would hate to have more problems.

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Filing Zirconia Crowns

Just make sure the dentist polishes the ground down surface very very well. Otherwise, it can abrade the opposing teeth.

New York Dentist

Adjusting crowns after cementation not usually a problem.

It is not unusual to adjust crowns after they are cemented in, however it does matter how much is ground away and how thick the crown is to begin with.  Zirconium is a very strong material and holds up very well even if it's not very thick.  So most likely yours will be fine but you should communicate your concerns with your dentist.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist
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