Fibrous Papule?

I am looking for a doctor in the los angeles/oc/pomona area to get rid of a couple fibrous papules I believe (two on the tip of my nose). i had shave excision done and some lasers too that did not work. here is a link on this website of doctors and what they thought. i am looking for someone with a lot of expertise with treating fibrous papules. i would like to chat briefly with the doctor. I tried to take a picture but it did not show.

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Fibrous papule treatment

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There are literally hundreds of experienced physicians in the LA/OC area that can help you with this. Any doctor is going to want to see you in the office and won't be able to give you specific answers without an in-person consultation. Seek a board-certified dermatologist or dermatologic surgeon. I'm wondering if you already had a shave procedure and some laser treatments and you have no changes, perhaps it's not a fibrous papule? But none of us will know without being able to see it.

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