Fat Under Chin After Lipo: Will Procedure Need Repeated?

What happens if you get more fat under chin after lipo? Will I have to do lipo again ? Will I need to get more lipo after gaining weight. Can I lose the weight naturally under the chin and neck without lipo. Or will it make my skin loose and flabby. What can I do?

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Chin liposuction results are long-lasting

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Dear gmp, here are answers to your questions:

What happens if you get more fat under chin after lipo?

It's not common to get more fat under the chin after lipo in that area because it's relatively easy to thoroughly reduce the number of fat cells under the chin with a liposuction procedure.

Will I have to do lipo again?

No usually.

Can I lose the weight naturally under the chin and neck without lipo?

If in your past you were a lower weight and didn't have fat under your chin then, you may find that losing weight will also reduce your chin fat without liposuction.

Will it make my skin loose and flabby?

If your skin is well toned it won't get loose and flabby after liposuction.

I hope this helps.    Kimberly Finder

San Antonio Dermatologic Surgeon
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Neck Liposuction Results Are Well Maintained

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Fat throughout the body is not all the same and it responds to liposuction extraction differently after surgery. Some areas like the abdomen can be prone to fat return with weight gain. Other areas like the neck are fairly resistant to postoperative weight gain. This is because the neck is not a primary depot site for excess fat (too small of a surface area) and that much of the subcutaneous fat thickness can be very effectively thinned by liposuction. Whether you lose sufficient weight to produce some thinning of the neck by your own efforts or more immediately achieve it by liposuction, neither approach will result in the risk of execssive or loose hanging neck skin.

Neck fat stays away after liposuction

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In more than ten years of doing the procedure in that area, I have never seen neck fat come back after liposuction. That is probably because there is only a small pocket of fat cells and most of them can be removed on the first and only session.

Other areas, especially the abdomen are prone to "coming back," but in general, if you gain weight, it is more symmetrical, meaning it is spread out more evenly to other parts of the body too.

If you have a history of weight change, it would be a good small investment of your time and money to see a "coach" to evaluate your goals, and give you some help establishing a life-long healthy lifestyle.

We have one in our area that only charges $50 per session, and it is not uncommon for people to lose thirty or forty pounds and then be able to keep it off forever.

Good luck,

Dr Wayne Day

T. Wayne Day, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

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