Lumpy and Bumpy 2 Weeks After Abdominal Liposuction, Is This Normal

Is it normal for my stomach to look like this 2 weeks after liposuction?

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Lumps and Bumps After Liposuction

The time to examine an area after liposuction for permanent lumps or bumps is 3-6 months. In the first few weeks, there will be swelling, bruising and tissue remodeling that is occuring. This will slowly resolve and leave you with your final result. There is a possibility, especially on the tummy, that you may need a touch-up liposuction to smooth out any lumps. This is most common around the belly-button. I think the % of patients that need a touch-up of the abdomen is around 5%. Most touch-ups are easy procedures with very little down-time. Some physicians will do them for minimal cost to the patient. Make sure to ask at your initial consultation about touch-ups, and the cost.

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Area is lumpy and bumpy soon after liposuction

What you have described is not unusual soon after liposuction. It takes at least three months, and in some patients, six months before the final result is reached.  Be patient!


Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
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To early to assess

2 weeks post-op is too earlyto assess your results.  The "lumpy bumpy" feeling is hopefully due to swelling and possibly your garment bunching up.  Check in with your surgeon for reassurance.  You may also find that lymphatic massage helps.  I send my patients for lymphatic massage starting at 2 weeks post-op.  Although you are expected to look better immediately after liposuction, be patient for the swelling to subside.  You will be at approximately 50% of your final result at 3 months and at 100% at 6 months as long as you are compliant and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

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Two weeks after liposuction

Hi LumpyBumpy. It's very normal for your abdomen to feel "lumpy and bumpy" after liposuction in the first weeks. There's always going to be swelling, especially with the abdomen. The abdomen will expand easily with the swelling and it doesn't do so in a smooth and even way. The lumpy and bumpy appearance and feel doesn't mean the final result will be lumpy and bumpy, so hang in there. Massaging the area is very helpful and may help everything resolve faster.

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