Facial and Neck Pain Are Severe 6 Months After Facelift, Necklift, Chin PImplants, What Should I do?

I had a facelift,necklift,chin implant and fat injections. The pain in my face and neck are growing worse. In addition, my gums and inner lips have swollen up. My ps says it is nothing he has done, but did cut a suture that looked like a fishing line that went from ear to ear. I still feel my temples being pulled. The surgical report lacks a lot of detail.I went to another plastic surgeon who didn't give me much information except that he couldn't help me. Who should contact now?

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Pain 6 month after facelift

It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing you in person and examining you - severe pain as you describe is not at all common after surgery - you may benefit from seeing a chronic pain specialist

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Increasing Pain 6 Months after Facelift

Some tightness may be present 6 months after a facelift, but not increasing pain. You also describe swelling of your gums and inner lips. Despite your description, I don't have any insight regarding your problems and therefore recommend that you seek consultation with another surgeon who will take the time to examine you and review your previous procedure with you.

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Post face lift pain

Your description of procedure is too sparse to get a handle on things.

My advice to you is to go to a dentist or oral surgeon for the gums/lips to rule out infection.  I would recommend a visit to a plastic surgery department in a university, or another plastic surgeon, perhaps in another town.

Sounds like you may have had a face lift by a non-plastic surgeon, so check his credentials.

Finally, you did not describe pain, and this is important, as the treatment may depend on it.  For example, depending on the pain and what was done, you may need more sutures out, or you may need a medication that may work on nerve pain, or perhaps another strategy, like a tens unit.

You need to be fully evaluated.

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It is normal to become more comfortable not less comfortable as time passes after surgery.


So sorry to hear that your surgeon can't help you with what you are experiencing.  I am going to guess that things have gone pretty sour with your original surgeon considering that you have obtained your medical records.  It is not uncommon that operative reports feel a little thin on details.  These records are intended to provide a surgical outline for another surgeon and can be a bit telegraphic.  If you are a lay-person, there simply is often not enough detail there for answering specific questions.  That is not was an operative report is for.  No, that job is reserve for your surgeon. 

Understandably other surgeons may not want to intervene on your case.  Certainly it is hard to imagine how the facelift could be related to gum and inner lip swelling. 

In addition to whatever else is going on, I wonder if you might be clinically depressed from the stress of recovering from surgery.  For some people, recovering from surgery can be stressful, especially when there are challenges to your recovery. 

On this forum, it is difficult to get to the bottom of your concerns.  However, you might consider exploring the emotional impact of your surgery with a psychotherapist.  I suspect that you are tight from the surgery and have normal sensory changes that do tend to resolve over time.  However, due to the break down in your relationship with your plastic surgeon, you have lost your surgeon as a source of strength helpful to the healing process.  Hope that helps.

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Tightness after facelift

It is reasonable to feel the tightness after face and neck lift, though by seven months you should look and feel fine. With the information that we have we cannot know why you might have pain and you should look for another plastic surgeon in your area who might be more helpful to you.
Best of luck,

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