Will Face Lift Before Invisalign Have an Effect on the Impressions?

I am planning on having a Face Lift and I am also doing Invisaligns. I am scheduled to get my impressions before I have the lift. Will the surgery change anything as far as the impressions are concerned? Should I wait until after the surgery to have the impressions done? Thank you.

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Invisalign and Facelift

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Invisalign is an orthodontic device to straighten the teeth. Invisalign before surgery should not affect your facelift, but may slightly affect your appearance, especially if you have prominence of the upper teeth and they create an impression on your lip. This may in fact guide your surgeon to change his artistic recommendations.

You should advise your surgeon of your intention to get Invisalign, so that he can tailor his procedure to accommodate for the anticipated result.

Invisalign impressions after a facelift may be more difficult for several weeks to months, especially if you are having procedures done around the lips or the marionette region, since opening the mouth as wide as you need to create the impressions may be uncomfortable or might interfere with the surgery.

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Facelift and Invisalign

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Facelift will NOT affect your dental impressions for your Invisalign treatment, which will be based on tooth and dental arch realignment, not the cheek contours.

Invisalign affecting a facelift

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This is an interesting question. It is good that you are doing the impressions prior to your facelift.  You should not open your mouth as wide as possible post operatively. The teeth will not be affected by the facelift at all. It sounds like you will have a beautiful smile and a younger face. Best of luck to you!!!

Facelift will have no bearing on Invisalign impressions

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The facelift will have no bearing on Invisalign impressions. Invisalign can be done either before or after the facelift surgery; having no effect on the teeth

Facelift should not interfere with Invisalign

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I would not think there should be any reason your pre-facelift impressions wouldn't work perfectly well for Invisalign after surgery.  A well done facelift shouldn't really change your mouth to any significant degree.

A face lift should not any negative effects on Invisalign or vise versa

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Invisalign solely effects the dental complex, and should therefore have no bearing on a face lift.

Impressions for Invisalign can be done before or after the surgery.

Ryan Sellinger, DMD
Manhattan Dentist

Invisalign and Facelifts

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Generally, this should not be a problem. Facelifts affect the surface of the face whereas orthodontic work involves the the teeth and bone structure. If your work closely involves the area around your mouth, you may have issues with opening your mouth wide comfortably or wide enough; similarly, general bruising and swelling could affect this.

Majid Alimadadian, BDS, MSc
London Orthodontist

Facelift and Invisalign

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Facelift and invisalign will have little impact on each other.  Keep in mind, wide mouth opening should be kept to a minimum immediately post facelift.

Anil R. Shah, MD
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Invisalign ok following facelift

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I would not expect any problem with this orthodontic procedure after a facelift.  I would recommend waiting for 2 weeks - that's when there is good tensile strength of your incisions so that they are not longer a worry.  In addition, your swelling and bruising will be minimal at that point and you'll be more comfortable going out to the orthodontic office.  Opening your mouth will not be a problem at the two week mark.  So, go for it and good luck!

Douglas M. Stevens, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon

No relation between Invisalign and Face lift

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Just wait 5-7 days after surgery to allow your muscles to relax so you can open your mouth fully.  Otherwise, your good to go!

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