Unfair Price Quote for Invisalign? 20 - 25 Trays

If I am considering invisalign to correct structual problems prior to veneering my top teeth and my Dr. told me that invisalign will take between 1 and 2 years to complete but that the cost is the same no matter what. Does that make sense? If they can move my teeth with 20-25 trays as apposed to 40 or 50 wouldnt that reduce the cost? $6200 regardless of time sounds odd to me. Twice the trays would mean more visits and more costs on the Dr.'s part.

If we get good results in one year, why am I paying the same as 2 years would take? I'm a businessman and I understand upfront costs for the production of the trays but there should be a reduction in cost for half the amount of trays produced and half the treatment time, right?

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Invisalign fees usually based on treatment length and difficulty

Invisalign fees are based on length and difficulty of treatment. Usually one year runs about 4 - 6K and two years should be around 6-8K. For adults with average tooth alignment issues can be treated in about 12-14 months.

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Invisalign fee quote

Most dentists have a fee range for all of their more complex treatments (Invisalign, veneers, conventional orthodontics, migraine treatment, etc) depending on difficulty of the case, amount of chair time and number of appointments to complete treatment, lab cost, cost of materials, just to name a few.

The one factor that many people don't think about is that you are also paying for the expertise of the dentist. If the dentist can get you the results you want in half the time, that is a benefit to you, the patient. I tell patients to think about how lawyers charge: They charge by the hour and their fees are different for the partner in the law firm than they are for the newest laywer in the firm. This is because the partner has more experience and can therefore usually give you a better result in less time. You will pay more per hour for that service, however, even though the actual time spent is probably less.

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