​Would eyelid tape help with ptosis? (photo)

I have ptosis two years.. I am teen and my parents say I am young for surgery..so I want to know if eyelid tape could help me to get eve eyelid temporarily? In which eye should I put tape? droopy one or normal one? Using it will affect in surgery or not? thank you in advance!

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Would eyelid tape help with ptosis? (photo)

Unfortunately I wish there was an easy fix, however ptosis does require surgery in order to tighten the muscles inside. Consider having a consult with your parents and an oculoplastic surgeon to weight your options.

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Eyelid ptosis surgery in teenager

Taping will not work for eyelid ptosis.  Eyelid ptosis surgery is even performed in children if needed.  Try getting a consult (along with your parents) with an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Thank you for your question. You may have congenital ptosis and you should be evaluated by an oculoplastic surgeon. Good luck

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