Will Eye Shape Change After Eyelid Surgery Be Permanent?

It has been 5 weeks after I had eyelid surgery and my eyes look round. Will this change the shape of my eye permanently?

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Photos would be helpful to answer this question

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Hi Shaun

Over aggressive eyelid surgery can be very damaging. At 5 weeks you may still have enough swelling to push up your upper eyelid crease. However, it is also possible that you had too much skin and fat resected. Swelling resolves but too much surgery is often irreparable. Lower eyelid malposition is also unlikely to get better in time.

It will be about two more month to know where you stand. I encourage you to repost with photos or follow up with Realself.com as you get further along in your recovery.

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Shape changes after eyelid surgery

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Some degree of roundedness occurs from swelling, so you should see some improvement over the next month or so. One more rare cause of a rounded appearance is if there is webbing of the lateral canthus area due to poor healing or excessive skin removal. Those things can cause some blunting or rounding of the corner of the eye. If that occurs, I suggest waiting as long as you can to allow the tissues to soften and then it might need a small revision.

Julio Garcia, MD
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Probably permanent.

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Lower lid rounding after lower eyelid surgery usually does not get better with time. Now that you're about 6 weeks out, it's unlikely that it will worsen much more, if that's any comfort. There are several causes of lower eyelid rounding, but causes include overly aggressive resection of skin or muscle, poorly executed subciliary incisions, tethering of a transconjunctival incision, or a failure or recognize or appreciate pre-existing lower eyelid laxity (too loose a lower lid).

There are some procedures that can correct lower lid rounding if it's severe, but maturation of the scars and resolution of any swelling are usual prerequisites before attempting these reconstructions.

Good luck,


David C. Pearson, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon

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