Under Eye (Midface) Swelling After Selphyl Injection Under Eyes 6 Months Ago. What Do I Do?

I had Selphyl injected 6 months ago and developed the swelling visible in the attached photo. Two months after the Selphyl a local board certified plascic surgeon suggested lasering this area, which I let him do. It healed well and now the bags have returned. What can I do? Please help.

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As you know, Selphyl is a platelet rich plasma mixture derived from your own blood.  Without evaluating your preoperative photographs, it is impossible to know what kind of changes occurred with the injections.  I also do not understand what kind of laser treatment was done.  

With that being said, the bags that are visible I note most prominently on the left side.  You have fullness immediately below the lash line and also over the upper cheek (festoons).  The injections may have been placed   in the incorrect location or have reabsorbed already.  It cannot be determined without pre-op photos.  I would recommend that you return to the Board-Certified plastic surgeon that you saw and discuss this in greater detail with him.  Good luck.

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Swelling 6 months after Selphyl Injection

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Selphyl is a kind of system utilized to develop a patient’s facial volume and/or contour. It is a mixture from the patient’s own plasma platelets isolated via centrifuge spin. This injection is supposed to be low risk, low chances of acquiring adverse effects, and low probabilities of developing an allergic reaction since it comes from the patient’s own blood.


With your case, it is difficult to readily evaluate since there are no pre-op photographs that will help determine the changes that happened. There is also very little information regarding the laser procedure made on you. I would highly suggest going back to your board certified doctor to discuss the possible roots of the eye bags return. Alternatively, you can go a different board certified plastic surgeon to ask for a second opinion. Make sure to bring all pertinent data, records, and photos so the new doctor could evaluate your case accurately.

Robert W. Sheffield, MD
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