Treatment for Puffiness Under Right Eye?

I have puffiness under my right eye. It looks like a half circle. My profile on my right side looks like that of a tired older woman. My left eye is normal. I noticed it a day or two after having dental work done (went back to the dentist, they had no answers). At the time I was also on Retin-A, Doryx, Spironolactone, and Duac for acne. It's been four months now and its still there. You can see in the picture that my right eye has a faint "u" shaped line under it and it's puffy above. Any ideas on how to get rid of this?

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Puffiness under eyes can be treated with fillers

The under eye area is one of the best places to treat with fillers.  Much like you would apply makeup to conceal the shadows, I would place fillers under the skin to remove the indentation causing the 'u' shaped line. 

Restylane, Perlane, and Radiesse may be place both under the eyes and in the cheeks to treat puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Treatments are maintained at 6 month intervals.

Good luck in your search for information!

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Eye puffiness is actually cheek puffiness.

The face forms from two separate halves. This leaves us with two very different halves and is responsible for many of our facial asymmetries. Looking at your picture, you have separation of the cheek fat pad on the right. As we age the fat pad begins to separate and fall creating a deeper fold between the cheek and the mouth. Notice the extra skin on the right cheek/mouth area compared to your left side. You appear to be aging more on the right side. Most of us will age differently from one side to the other. You may sleep on this side, which may be accelerating the aging process, that is the extra lines and puffiness.  I would recommend a hyaluronic acid based filler to soften the separation and help smooth the cheek. The development of the crease most likely had nothing to do with the dental procedure.

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Treatment for "bags" on lower lids

There are many effective surgical and non-surgical treatments for excess skin and fat of the lower eyelids depending upon your particular complaints. It is not uncommon for patients to begin to notice something that has possibly been there for years after undergoing a "facial" procedure - even one that just creates swelling such as routine dental work.

In looking at your attached photo, it appears that you have a dark area beneath both the lower lids and the right side does appear slightly more noticeable. However, you are unequally lit in the picture with your left side being more exposed to the sun than the right. This could easily produce differential shadowing.

The best way to get a definitive answer to your problem would be to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon in your area to have your eyes fully evaluated. You appear young in the photos, but due to genetics or environmental factors, some women are appropriate candidates for eyelid surgery even in their 20s. Tightening these areas can result in less of a shadow along the lower lid "U" and soften your appearance.

Good luck.

Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

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