Under Eye Bag in One Eye What It Can It Be? (photo)

Hi about 8 years ago I got hit on my left eye and got a small cut under the corner of the lid. A few days my eye heeled from the bruising, though my eye seemed to be a little smaller than my right eye. I have an eye bag a bit bigger than my right. I am sure it has to do with the accident I never had this before and till now I still have it. I have been with the opto but my eye seems fine I can see and I have no problems but the eye bag. It looks like my eye got pushed up a bit. Can it be fix?

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Unilateral fat pad?

I have certainly seen patients with more bulging orbital fat in one eye than the other.If your ophtalmologist has examined you and your eyes are normal than you could consider haveing the fat removed surgically. I would likely recommend a transconjunctival removal so that you can avoid an external incision.  Good Luck.

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You need an actual examination to answer this question.

Most eyelid surgeons would assume that this is herniated orbital fat.  However it could also be the profile of the orbital bone visible in the eyelid.  Fat could be addressed with surgery and a visible ledge of bone with fillers.  This may not be related to your history of trauma.

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Unilateral eyebag

You look young with a left sided lower eyelid fat bag. I have down unilateral fat removal and you look young enough to have it removed through a transconjunctival approach (no incision on the outside). The surgeon must check your right eye during your initial consultation.


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