Extremely Uncommon Reaction to Chin Augmentation: May Have Allergic Reaction to Silicon? (photo)

Silicon Chin Implant. 3 weeks after swelling went down, face swelled up again. Assumed infection. Went on antibiotics. Swelling went down as expected but incision began weeping "puss" which was swabbed and analyzed. No anaerobes or aerobics. My surgeon is convinced I am one of the .01% that has an allergic reaction to silicon. I refuse to believe that. weeping continued until i took antibiotics for 3 weeks. incision healed. Weeping stopped. Month later, pocket at incision site forming again.

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Allergy to silicone chin implant

More than likely there is a chronic infection in the erea which is no a reaction  from the silicone itself. Find out if buried sutures were used to secure the implant or to close the skin. If so, and they were composed of the usual dissolvable substances, you problems may resolve with time.  Otherwise, the implant may have to be removed.

Another possibility is that this may just be an infected hair follicle cyst and if it dries up after it is drained, things may heal OK.

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