Can I Exercise with a Ruptured Breast Implant?

I have a ruptured breast implant and I am awaiting replacement. However, Can I still exercise with a ruptured implant

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Exercise with ruptured implant

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You should be able to continue to exercise with a ruptured implant. However, if you have silicone implants that were placed many years ago, you may wish to get the implant replaced before vigorous exercise or obtain an MRI to see that the rupture is contained within the scar tissue pocket around the implant before continuing with vigorous exercise regimens prior to replacing the implant.

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Exercise with ruptured implant?

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Donna, I believe you can safely exercise if the ruptured implant is a saline implant. If it is a ruptured silicone gel implant, then I would recommend you be careful not to do anything that would apply significant pressure to the affected breast.

Ruptured Breast Implants and Exercise

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Dear Donna69,  There is no reason you cannot continue to exercise while you wait for your implant exchange to occur.  Exercise will keep you in better shape for your surgery and the post-operative recovery.  If you have any doubt about any type of exercise you are planning to perform, please call your plastic surgeon's office for their advice.

See you at the gym.  

Implant rupture and exercise

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Wile you wait for an implant exchange or implant removal it should be ok to continue with your exercise regimen.

Exercise after implant rupture

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Between implant rupture and replacement surgery, there are no counterindications to exercise. Good luck with the replacement procedure!

Exercise with Ruptured Breast Implant?

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Thank you for the question.

Yes, you can continue to exercise with a ruptured breast implant in place.

Best wishes.

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