Possible to Enlarge Eye and Correct the Position?

Hi. I am an 18 year old boy. I have a small eye. Is there a way to make it larger or looking larger?

Also, my eyes are uneven. My left eye is not in the correct position (about 4 millimeter). Is there a way to correct my left eye?

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Eyes uneven

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Unfortunately there are very few ways to correct the position of the eye in the socket short of bony reconstruction of the orbit. Skin, droopy eyelids can be addressed in a much simpler way. I would meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss your issues in detail and so that a proper exam can be conducted.

Change Eye Positioning

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While an eyelid incision could be made to open the eyes and make them appear larger, there is no way to reposition the eye as we cant change the orbital socket of the eyeball.


Changing size of eye and position

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There is no way to change the bony orbital socket of the eyeball to raise or lower the eyeball itself. The blepharoplasty can be performed to remove excess skin on the upper lids or excess fat bags on the lower lids. Ptosis can be congenital or due to traumatic injury to the eyelid that can be corrected. An eyelid incision can further open up the actual eyelid itself.

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