Accidentally took 4 aspirin 4 days before Tummy Tuck. How likely will it be that my surgery will have to be postponed.

I am having a tummy tuck with lipo in 3 days. Yesterday I accidentally took 4 aspirin (75mg - not all at the same time). I know this inhibits platelet function and could lead to excessive bleeding. I also know I have to discuss this with the surgeon. How likely will it be that he ll postpone the surgery. Are 4'days enough for the platelet function to recover? Thanks in advance

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Hello and thanks for your question An examination would be needed. You may benefit from a filler or fat transfer to the right si

Hello and thanks for your question.
I would recommend that you discuss this with your plastic surgeon. We all have different techniques, but in our practice we give an extensive list of meds to avoid.
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Taking a few aspirins four days prior to surgery

Let your surgeon know but I would not expect taht this would cause you to post pone your surgical procedure.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Aspirin prior to surgery

This is truly is and at the question that only can be answered by your surgeon. The surgeon may feel very strongly that he/she should not proceed. Some surgeons feel less strong because they can control bleeding from aspirin ingestion. Just ask your doctor.

Accidentally took 4 aspirin 4 days before Tummy Tuck. How likely will it be that my surgery will have to be postponed?

I would suggest that you discuss this with your plastic surgeon and follow his or her recommendations. It is possible to perform coagulation tests to see how much the aspirin has effected your ability to clot. It takes about 8 days for the platelet effect of aspirin to wear off.

Robert Singer, MD  FACS

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Robert Singer, MD
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Aspirin 4 days before tummy tuck

I agree that you need to inform your plastic surgeon that you have taken aspirin 4 days before your tummy tuck.  Her plastic surgeon may want to do a bleeding time to make certain that the aspirin has not altered the time to take sure blood clot.  Most likely there will not be a problem and your surgery will proceed, however it is essential that you tell your plastic surgeon.

For more information on tummy tuck please read the link below.

Aspirin before surgery

This is certainly a question you should be asking your doctor.  You should call the office as soon as possible to discuss.  

Michael B. Tantillo, MD
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Accidentally took 4 aspirin 4 days before Tummy Tuck. How likely will it be that my surgery will have to be postponed.

Yes your surgery will most likely be cancelled.  The effect of even one baby aspirin lasts 10 days on platelet function.  This will increase your bleeding time and decrease your bodies ability to make a clot and increase your chance for a hematoma or a collection of blood under your skin flaps.    Since an abdominoplasty has a lot of raw surface, taking aspirin or any pills that cause clotting problems is concerning with this operation.  Please be honest with your surgeon.  Best to you.  

Constance M. Barone, MD
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Platelet recovery after aspirin

Most surgeons will require cessation of aspirin for 7-10 days prior to surgery.  Many studies, however, have shown that platelet function returns more quickly than we have previously thought.  (The article listed below shows return to normal function 3 days after stopping aspiring therapy.)  Discuss this with your surgeon - you may still be at increased risk for bleeding complications and increased bruising, and your surgery may be postponed at the discretion of the doctor.

Andrew Wolfe, MD
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Aspirin before tummy tuck

Thanks for your inquiry.  Your question is very good one that only your surgeon can answer because we all have a different technique about drains, tissue glue, and undermining.

Vishnu Rumalla, MD
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