Why do I look and feel 3 months pregnant after my tummy tuck? (photo)

I am 6months post tummy tuck and after the first 2months of surgery I started to see & feel an excessive tightening abdominal extension, as if 3months pregnant. I have not gained weight and I exercise regularly w low sodium foods. I followed my post care w compression garments. Should I be concerned? What's causing this?

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3 months post TT

from the single lateral photo you sent, you appear fine to me.  However, if you are complaining about the bulge anteriorly, you did not mention whether or not you had a muscle tightening procedure with the tummy tuck. Discuss this with you surgeon. Also, I do not consider  TT  fully healed and in its final aooearancehealed before 6 months

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Why do I look and feel 3 months pregnant after my tummy tuck?

It's a good question. It can take 3-6 months for swelling after a tummy tuck to improve completely. If you feel that there is fluid under the skin, which is called a seroma, then it's important to have this trained. Your plastic surgeon can examine you to determine the cause of your swelling and will advise you how best to proceed. Congratulations on your recent surgery.

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Dr derby

Thank you for your question and the photo. It is very normal to have swelling after surgery but your surgeon needs determine if its normal in your case.. Best of luck 

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Swollen abdomen after TT

It is not un common after a tummy tuck for patients to have some collection of fluid in the surgical area.  Your surgeon can determne this, and if it is present, can be aspirated.

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6 months after tummy tuck feels 3 months pregnant

See your surgeon. Possibilities include prolonged swelling, a fluid collection, native fatty tissue, re-separation of muscled, and intra-abdominal contents pooching forward. You can tell your surgeon if/when it gets better or worse and  he/she can do a physical exam.All the best.

Heather J. Furnas, MD
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