My question is that if it is to extreme would insurance pay to fix it?

It appears that after 2 large pregnancies, 9lb babies, 33 and 38 years ago, I now at 57 years of age have a diastasis recti with lots of pain. I feel like my organs are falling out and I can not hold it in. My question is that if it is to this extreme would insurance pay to fix this? It is suspected that there is a hernia also.

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Unfortunately I have not seen Tummy Tuck covered under health insurance, even with severe Diastasis recti. This is still considered an elective cosmetic procedure. Most Plastic Surgeons will have financing options to work with you and your budget and get you the procedure that you feel you need.

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My question is that if it is to extreme would insurance pay to fix it?

In my experience I have never seen a tummy tuck procedure covered by insurance. You should contact your insurance company and review their policy. Best of luck. 

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Insurance for diastasis

In the past few years, insurers have declined to cover repair of diastasis recti, in my opinion because this is a code word for trying to have insurance fund part of a tummy tuck. Hernias are covered and the insurer may have specific preauthorization requirements.

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If it is to extreme, would insurance pay to fix it?

 Hi, Cindys58.  If your have a hernia, hernia repair should be covered by insurance.  Depending on the extent of pannus (hanging skin), panniculectomy may be covered by insurance.  However, diastasis recti repair and removing more skin to move the belly button will not be covered by insurance.  It would be best to check your insurance policy.  Best regards.

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