What is the Asian Rhinoplasty recovery time?

How long does the bruising last? I will be travelling from Canada to Beverly hills to get my asian rhinoplasty done. I will be staying there for 10 days, and will fly home 7 days post op. Will the bruising still be evident? None of my family members know I will be getting a nose job done and want to keep it that way. Thanks.

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Asian Rhinoplasty Recovery

Thank you for your question. 

Straining, bending and lifting should be avoided during the early postoperative period. In many instances, you may be able to return to work within 7 to 10 days after surgery. Most normal activities including exercise can usually be resumed within three weeks.
It will be a few months before you can expose your reshaped nose to direct sunlight. Your nose will be sensitive during this time, and you must be conscientious about using a sunblock to protect your skin. If the bones of your nose were altered, it may be a number of weeks before you can wear glasses without special support such as tape. Best of luck!

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Recovery Time for an Asian Rhinoplasty.

The recovery from any rhinoplasty, including an Asian rhinoplasty where typically the nose is augmented, should not be more than a couple of days.  You may have swelling that will last longer (up to a week) and you may have bruising that can last a while but bruising is easily covered with makeup.  

I have added a video that talks about this for you.

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Most Asian rhinoplasty patients return to daily life activities in 10-14 days

Each person's recovery is different, but most rhinoplasty patients find that the majority of their swelling and bruising, if they have any, goes down within 10 to 14 days. However, subtle changes and definition of the nose continue to develop over the next several months as the nose heals and settles. Your nose may look puffy to you for 3 to 4 months post-operation, but normal to everyone else. Depending on how much the nose has been altered, it can take up to one year to achieve complete healing.

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Recovery after Asian rhinoplasty

Most patients are pleasantly surprised by the post-operative recovery after Asian rhinoplasty.  While bruising is present after osteotomies, for many Asian rhinoplasty patients fracturing the bones is unnecessary to achieve ideal results.  Most of my patients will be ready to return to work or school for 10-14 days without any obvious signs of surgery.    

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Recovery time after Asian Rhinoplasty

In most cases our Asian patients are requesting augmentation of the bridge and tip. This does not result in as much bruising or swelling as a reduction Rhinoplasty involving bone fracturing. In most cases our Asian patients look quite good at the one week mark. Of course it take a full year to heal from a Rhinoplasty but you should be able to camouflage the evidence with in a couple of weeks.

Good Luck

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Asian Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

There is quite a bit of variability as to how long post-rhinoplasty bruising lasts. You may not necessarily have bruising at all depending on what is being done during your rhinoplasty surgery.

In general I tell my patients to expect bruising (if it occurs) to last from 7-14 days. 

You can read more about rhinoplasty recovery at my web reference link below.

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Recovery time for Asian rhinoplasty

Visible bruising and swelling is  present for approximately 10 days after a rhinoplasty procedure. Full healing takes a year.

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Asian rhinoplasty

It takes a full year to recover from rhinoplasty. While most of the bruising and swelling is gone after a week, there is some residual selling that takes a while to resolve. You should follow your surgeon's pre and postop instructions to optimize your results.

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