How Long is Swelling Normal After BBL and How Much?

I had a BBL on june 13.its july 24th and im still swollen but my concern is my ankles, my legs are very swollen..and my body too but more is my ankles.i saw the surgeon today and he said it was left leg is more swollen than the right one.. and it kinda hurts little.also my weight preop was 138 lbs and now is 143 lbs.i asked for labs done and he didnt want to he prescribed lasix hes only treating the s/s.Should i be worried?? should i go see another doctor??

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Swelling After BBL

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Final results or minimum swelling , are usually achieved by 12 - 14 weeks . Lower extremities swelling is common in the first weeks and it is usually symmetrical .  It might be a good idea , since you are worried , to visit an internal medicine doctor or primary care doctor , and see if they can prescribe a doppler vein study to verify the condition of your legs veins . Also , make sure you are not standing too many hours . Drink plenty of fluids so that your body can get rid of fluids .

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