Can I eat ok with 2 molars and no wisdom teeth?

I have only 8 molars left (2 each side top and bottom). I have 3 wisdom teeth but they have fillings in them. At my last visit, the dentist said I had a new cavity in a wisdom tooth and recommended removing it instead of filling it. In fact, she recommended removing all 3 wisdom teeth to avoid a future problem with long roots, further decay, etc. My question is: can I eat well on 2 molars or should I keep the other 2 wisdom teeth as long as possible (since normally I would have 3 molars top and bottom)?

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Eating with 2nd molars

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In 35 years I have never seen a problem eating with 2 molars instead of 3. Yes you will be able to chew properly.

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Can I eat ok with 2 molars and no wisdom teeth?

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Indeed, you can eat without any problem with 2 molars in each quadrant. Wisdom teeth in a 80% of the cases gives problems to the patiens, the reasons:
  1.  Difficult access to clean
  2. They dont grown at the same time
  3. They can push the teeth forward and create disalignement of all the other teeth.
  4. They usually are subject to have more cavities, 
  5. They ave an irregular anatomy, are extremely difficult to do a root canal due to the difficult anathomy that usually haves with 3 even 4 root canals and accesory canals on each one.
  6. Over a 20% haves irregular growth, can grow to the buccal side insteat of having occlusion to the anthagonist.
  7. about a 10% of them never erupt and can create odontogenic cyst
  8. about the 80% of the people doesnt have space for a third molar and requires extraction.
Nowadays there is millions of people that never had wisdom teeth, the human body and evolution are eliminating the need of a 3rd molar (wisdom tooth),it wont interfere with a normal mastication so removing a third molar wont be a significant change.

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