Is Radiesse Movable the First Week After Injection?

how easy is it to move the radiesse into place or out of place the first week after injection?

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Radiesse may be somewhat movable

Radiesse may be somewhat movable. It depends on the site of injection. If it is injected very superficially, then it is not as movable as if it is injected deep on the bone. I tell patients not to have facial massages or manipulate their face for at least the first 3 days after injection.

New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Radiesse is best manipulated at the time of injection

Radiesse can be manipulated immediately after injection and for a up to a week afterwards.

I do not have my patients manipulate any fillers including Radiesse after their treatment is administered and they have viewed their immediate results and found it satisfactory. All my patients come back in 2 to 3 weeks after their treatment for a check-up. They are also advised to call to come in sooner if they note any irregularities.

Anifat Balogun, MD
Seattle Otolaryngologist

Radiesse can be massaged immediately

You ask a very good question which has not been scientifically studied as far as I'm aware. Wound healing properties indicate that the collagen host response surrounds the Radiesse implant very soon after injection and that massaging probably won't be able to move it to different areas or flattten it much after a day or two, but certainly by one week I would doubt that it could be corrected in terms of placement by a massage.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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You may be able to move raiesse up to one week after injection. BUT you will not be able to move it to where you want, it will move but where??????????????????????

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Radiesse stable at one week

Radiesse can be manipulated immediately after placement, and for a period of time during the first day.  Some docs argue whether to have patients massage or not, and for a half an hour to half a day.  In short, we have no clear indication as to how long it is malleable.

After a week, there is no additional movement anticipated.  The body has formed small collagen responses around the micronized product, effectively stabilizing the injectable and establishing soft tissue augmentation from your own tissue response.  So it's not moving.  If you still feel some localized fullness, I still suggest massage in order to soften this collagen response.  It still might help.  If you are concerned about the distribution of the product, follow up with your physician.  They might be able to inject a dilute form of kenalog, again to soften the body's collagen response.

Kevin Robertson, MD
Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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