Can Artifill be removed?

Dr. Lam injected artifil around my eyes after eye lid lift. It's very lumpy and it sits on my left eye. There is constant pressure on my eye.

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Los Angeles surgeon removes artefill

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Our office specializes in the removal of permanent fillers from the face. I would suggest surgical removal if possible so as not to create further problems. Be careful of injecting chemo 5FU around the eyes. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Artefill Removal, Is it possible? Try 5fu/steroid Injections, RF venus legacy/exilis, viva/intensif microneedling, surgery

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I recommend seeing an expert who uses a significant amount of semi permanent and permanent fillers. Sometimes 5fu/steroid injections and RF treatments work to improve this area without any surgery needed.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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The Use Of Permanent Fillers Risks The Possibility Of Permanent Problems

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First, let me say how sorry I am that you are experiencing this problem. I would suggest returning to the treating physician to determine whether the problem truly relates to the permanent filler, and, if so, whether the problem might benefit from the injection of anti-inflammatory agents or whether it might have to even be removed surgically, if at all possible. The problem with the use of permanent fillers is that complications, should they occur, or even if the result is not entirely cosmetically acceptable, are not easily reversible and may be permanent. 

In a recent, August 2016 issue of Practical Dermatology, a professional trade journal, in an article entitled Point/Counterpoint: Is There A Role for Permanent Fillers, the author writing the PRO side stated the following: "Let me start by saying this: I am 99.9 percent against the use of permanent facial fillers." On the CON side, the author, who himself had once been a consultant for the Canadian branch of the company that makes Artefill wrote: "and many of us have years of experience dealing with the chronic and sometimes intractable problems that can result from the use of these fillers...Reactions to PMMA (the main ingrdient of this permanent filler--parentheses mine) may not develop for five-10 years after the product is injected, and there is no way to predict who is at risk or to prevent these problems from arising." 

Enough said  Once again, I am so sorry that you are experiencing this and I strongly urge you to return to the treating physician to explore how best to proceed. Wishing you all the best..

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